Fashion-More Than Just a Week

With the shows in New York coming to a close and the invitations for London posted out, fashion weeks are dominating the media headlines. An attraction for celebrities from all disciplines, projections of future style and one hell of a party, fashion weeks are an annual media focus. But with million dollar shows, social media coverage from every angle and the all important designs themselves, just how do we fit into fashion week, and how does fashion fit into our everyday lives?


The answers vary from the literal, ‘I live in Galway, New York fashion week traffic is about as relevant to my life as the Tayto-chocolate bar was-not at all’ to the figurative ‘New York fashion week is my guiding light, every year, wherever in the world I am’.  Truth be told the place of fashion week in my own life has become more and more accessible with the leaps in social media. Seeing baby Harper Beckham smile at Anna Wintour is a perfect example of that, no longer are shows simply represented by the lines of models but by the backstage snaps and the front row faces. This insider look into fashion week brings it to life, it makes it real and it makes it human.


What happens when the week is over? Well in the immediate aftermath we do it all again with the London offerings, but for you and me, the girls who live fashion week through instagram. What happens? We can see emerging trends for spring, we know what’s in and what’s out, we have been introduced, albeit not directly, to Spring 2013 Fashion. Which is a gorgeous sentiment in its luxurious artsy way and it brings me to my next thought, how does fashion fit into our everyday lives?

For a twenty something like me that’s quite easy to answer, and also tangible with shoes and dresses pouring from wardrobe. But what does fashion meeeeean? I’m crying out for answers here. I believe its art and I believe its expression and beauty and happiness all smothered in chiffon and lace and wonderfulness. But what about my Grandad, who is eighty four, what does fashion mean to him? To him clothes are ascended not from heavenly hands of designers, for him the fashion process is a lot more simple. He has a maghongy wardrobe, in the back bedroom, with suits, shirts, trousers, everything he needs, in this wardrobe is his fashion. He still goes to his wardrobe like I do, he still picks his favourite shirt, his comfy trousers, he still makes choices, he still has an opinion. Right there, that’s fashion, that’s choosing to project an image, its choosing to be a certain person or to recreate a certain person you’ve spent decades carving. He has a favourite blazer, when you have a favourite item you have an opinion, you have an identity.

nyfw p

Fashion isolates no one, fashion week is enveloping people more and more, fashion is for the first time in history, the most accessible art form you can experience. But remember, as many fashionista’s forget, you are never fully dressed without a smile!

I’m loving my #ootd a Zara blazer over a Motel dress!

nyfw b

What are you wearing today?



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