Jacket Jealousy

Women of Ireland! Where is your Autumn jacket?! The season of pumpkins is officially here, after evading us for most of September. Say hello Autumn, say hello knitwear, say hello boots, say hello COATS & JACKETS! The weather is not quite cold(yet!), its raining, its humid, what in the world are we supposed to wear!


My daily commute has become some what of a strip tease, I layer myself up after staring solemnly out my window for several minutes.. I begin with a cardigan, then a quilted jacket, then a scarf, then a little knitted headband and off I go. Confident each morning that THIS is the morning I’ve nailed it. Only to be mocked once again by mother nature. When I arrive at Luas stop I have inevitably lost the headband. After I scan my Leap card I begin to cram my over-sized scarf into my bag. Half way to town I make enemies of my fellow commuters by wiggling round the crammed tram trying to remove my coat. By the time I’ve battled my way through the drizzly city centre I’m a hot(literally) mess.

Now all this seems ever the more frustrating since my gorgeous girl Helen has nailed the autumn jacket trend. She picked up this beauty for €99.99 in Zara and it is such a great piece. The trench coat has always been a go-to option for inbetweenie weather, and has always been epitomized as  timeless. Helen’s Zara option holds this history, with sharp tailoring and classic buttons. However it also envelops the luxe trend we saw at the Spring Shows, it’s pronounced shoulders and smooth lines echo the tailored silhouette we are seeing from a range of designers.

helen iii

Helen styled the jacket today with a low-key weekend vibe. She kept the palette clean and bright with white skinny jeans and over-sized beige knit. I love how she teamed this neutral palette with her coloured Toms! Shoes are a great way to add subtle colour splashes as we move further into Autumn.

helenhelen ii

Who’s hit gold with their Autumn jacket? Wear and Share!



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