Get To Know Me

Hiyaaaaa! I’m Ciara Catherine, a (very) recent English & History graduate. I live in Dublin’s fair city. But my heart is scattered in far flung places. I have freckles on my nose and love to feel sand between my toes.

This blog is testament to my love of all things girlie. I was the child who judged what the RTE newsreader wore each evening, this is most likely where all my troubles began… I have an overwhelming love for fashion. I believe fashion is truly one of the most accessible means of happiness, of art and of empowerment. Think I’m exaggerating? Tell me you’ve never felt this way wearing your maximizer bra… Seriously. My passion for fashion also spills over to a love of travel. I want to go everywhere, no really, everywhere! My biggest hurdle is deciding which corner of the world to jet to first.

I spent my 2012 summer on Nantucket Island, Cape Cod, USA. At a naive nineteen it proved to be the cure to many of my adolescent ailments. And so I returned in the summer of 2013, bigger, better, and much much bolder-but more on this later! My Nantucket chapters have helped shape who I am, and have ignited a need to see more places, any places, the further away the better.

2013/14 will hopefully be full of more going and growing. I have a little touch of the early twenties. I crave change and adventure, but I want to bring my mum. I have a degree, but I have never known less about the world. I can vote, drive and pay my taxes, but don’t ask me to do a whites wash.

In true wanderlust style I’ve decided to take a gap year. Follow me, help me, email me and laugh along with me. The world is my oyster… But I don’t even know if I like oysters.


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